Mycroft Strategies helps companies think and act big by building sustainable marketing programs that enable growth. We help you harness your big ideas and execute them. Through a disciplined approach, Mycroft helps bring out the best in your team by focusing on four key areas – Promise, Strategy, Team and Tools N Tactics.

Your Promise – What is special about your company? Your products? Mycroft helps you focus your branding and messaging so that customers know why they should choose you. Why you have a better way.

Your Strategy – A marketing strategy is the corporate growth strategy. It is not just a collection of marketing activities, it is so much more. If sales are the “Hunters” and support the “Keepers,” marketing is the “Integrator.” Marketing aligns all other team activities – Sales, Support, Services, Finance – into a unified approach to retain current and attract future customers. Mycroft ensures that your strategy is not only clear and well-defined, but also shared with the entire organization so that the entire company grows.

Your Team – Is your marketing team aligned with your strategy or other teams in the best possible manner? Do they have tools they need to succeed? Can they effectively communicate passion about your company and product? Mycroft can provide focus and tactics so that your team is fully engaged and delivering credible programs and initiatives that sales desires.

Tools N Tactics (TNT) – – Today’s marketing is more than creating a website, developing slick collateral, or even tweeting daily. It is about orchestrating all these elements into focused, nimble programs that find and keep customers. To drive growth, marketing harnesses your complete content portfolio and aligns them with techniques, such as social marketing, to reach your target audience and convert them to customers.

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