Mycroft has the ability and experience to create comprehensive marketing plans that help a company define its foundational strategy and to help them move from one stage of growth to the next in a systematic fashion.

Jeremy Houchens

Mycroft is firmly committed to helping Mesh Systems accomplish our business goals. Melissa has the ability to quickly understand the language of our industry, clearly articulate what needs to be done, then rapidly and effectively execute and deliver on the plan.

Doug Brune, Chief Operating Officer

I have had the privilege to work with Melissa on various client projects. She is a "force multiplier" in that she is an exceptional listener, very analytical, and a thoughtful, results-oriented business leader. Melissa has the ability to tackle the day-to-day details while keeping on track to assure accomplishment of primary goals.

Alan Veeck
Vice President

As the Director of Riley Cheer Guild, Inc., I have had the privilege of working with Melissa Beuc Young on a few projects for a little more than one year. Her high energy and optimism have both been contagious. Melissa embraces details and is skilled at thinking of the big picture. She speaks directly and candidly, while respecting the thoughts and ideas of everyone she is working with. She helps her team to seek continuous improvement. For all of these reasons, and more, Riley Cheer Guild has greatly benefited from the advice and support given by Melissa!

Heather Dawes